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Child hood Memories: Teacakes and Softball

Posted by teacakesnthings on January 29, 2013 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I love the taste of tea cakes.  Big Momma always had teacakes.  As a child, my brothers and I would race up the street to Big Papa and Big Momma's house.  We loved playing ball with Big Momma in the the driveway.

She made balls out of old cloth stuffed in throw-a-way-socks. Big Momma made the best hand-sowned balls...they were as good as new. Between those hand-made balls and teacakes, we felt like we were rich. 

My earliest memories of Big Momma was that of an elder lady. However, she was very active, always playing softball with us. She could pitch, hit the ball, and out run us.  We thought Big Papa was mean. He didn't want us kids playing ball on the grass. Big Momma always defended our care-free activities.

Years later, I realized that Big Papa really wasn't mean. He suffered from arthritis and was in pain most of the time. I remember that he kept peppermint candy.  Sometimes, he gave us a couple pieces of the hard candy.  He was grouchy. But, we knew he loved us too.

Big Papa died when I was sixteen, at the age of 87. Big Momma lived many years longer and died two days before her 106th birthday.

Thank you for reading my sweet memories of my paternal grandparents.  


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