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Gummy-Gummy Desserts

Posted by teacakesnthings on February 14, 2013 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (0)

If you have checked out the website, you know that Big Momma taught me to bake teacakes when I was nine years old.  I love baking teacakes because she taught me the art and craft of this delightful cookie-cake.  She also taught me how to bake a poor-man's pudding cake.  In addition, I bake Italian Cream Cakes, fried pies, and syrup puddings.  My mother taught me to bake the fried pies and syrup pudding.  I learned to bake Italian Cream Cakes while enrolled in a high school Home Economics food class. At Tea Cakes N' Things we offer all of these desserts  from time to time.  However, we always have Tea Cakes. 

Tea Cakes N' Things Desserts

  • Tea Cakes
  • Italian Cream Cakes
  • Poor-man Pudding
  • Syrup Pudding
  • Fried Pies

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